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Wedding Photography Dublin. Una Williams of Una Williams Photos  is an award winning photographer specialising in capturing contemporary, timeless portraiture.
Shooting weddings,  maternity,  newborns,  children and family.  Imagery that represents the true essence of who you and your family are, capturing memories for generations to come. Dublin Wedding Photography  making a life time of memories.
Una is based in Malahide and therefore caters for all your wedding photography needs in Rathmines, Ranelagh, Rathgar, Dundrum, Knocklyon, Ballsbridge, Sandymount,  Blackrock, Ringsend and the wider Dublin area and beyond.

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Relax, I’ve got this.

Can you believe it, everyone you love all in one location, hence, we need to capture these moments?  Therefore, I will come and spend the whole day with you, mingling smoothly with your guests. During which time I will keep direction to minimum, and staying out of the way. 

Over the years I have shot hundreds of weddings, therefore this has resulted in a very keen eye for detail. If you are unsure about any aspect of your wedding photography then just ask me, this is why I’m here. Therefore, you can then avail of my vast knowledge build from years of practicable experience. Here at Dublin Wedding Photography, you know I have you covered. 

“Honestly, it was like having my best friend taking the photos on our wedding day” – Lynn & Thomas

Buy Cheap Pay Twice! Wedding Photography Dublin

Wedding photography unawilliamsphotos.com wedding day Una Williams Wedding Photography

Cheap Wedding Photography.  Yes it does exist and it shows in the finished results. Now if you buy cheap on your wedding day you can’t pay twice !  You only get one change to shoot a wedding so why not do it right the first or only time possible? This moment in time, will have passed and it is not coming back any time soon. 

So why is it so expensive to photograph a wedding? 

Well if we take a look at any half decent camera out there, they will start at around €1500 at the budget end of things. Then we have the various lenses, tripods, memory cards, flash guns, battery packs, and also a second camera body.  Furthermore, the second camera body helps to save switching lens all the time. Then we take into account training, the cost of photo editing software, quality printing, albums and so on. By the time your photographer takes that first picture, she will have invested some €10.000 if not more.  More to the point, they are on their feet all day focused on you and your guests. Capturing moments only a professional can see. 

While were discussing cheap, would you skimp of the following?

Think it over, would you purchase the flowers for the bridal bouquet from a garage or from a florist? 
Would the karaoke singer from your local pub, be good enough for the songs in the church?
As for the entertainment, would it be a local hip hop, DJ or a professional wedding band? Speaking about the band, just how much money has been invested over the years to get these guys together? Each guitar, microphone, drum kit, PA system and so on costs a lot of time and money.

In the years that pass all of the aforementioned will just be a fading memory, but your photo album is a perfect memory of your day. Please don’t cheat your future generations of your wedding day, remember it only comes once.

Wedding Photographer Una Williams

Wedding photography unawilliamsphotos.comBased in Dublin, Una started her photography career back in the 1980’s working for Hotpress Magazine. Covering all the big concerts and gigs around Ireland at the time. Starting photography as a hobby Una’s talent soon shone through and so she was published in many magazines and newspapers.

Over the years, Una has also covered many celebrity parties and events including some private get togethers. These parties included U2’s the Edge’s 30th birthday party which included guests such as David Bowie and Sean Penn. Much of her early work included photos of Cher, Simple Minds, Phil Lynott, Boyzone, Rory Gallagher, Iron Maiden, Meat Loaf.

Being one of the only female photographers from Dublin covering big concerts among a mostly male dominated scene in Ireland. Una paved the way for other females to pursue photography as a career in the music industry. Since then, many more women have taken up a camera and followed in her foot-steps. 


Def Leppard and Una

una williams photos
Steve Clarke Una and Jim Steinman

Una’s work has recently been published in a book about Def Leppard. Written by Mike Rogers, who had worked with the band for over seven years. As a result of her hard work and dedication to photography, Una became a close trusted friend of the band. Consequently, the time spent shooting Def Leppard while they stayed in Ireland back in 1984 has produced some amazing pictures. Furthermore,  Her photos of Def Leppard in that time were never published or seen until now.

Dublin Wedding Photography

Having organised and run many charity events and fashion shows. Una is one of the first people everyone contacts when putting on a big event.  Therefore, her willingness to help and her photography skills are a great asset to many an organisation.

Having taken time out to rear her family Una returned to photography a little over five years ago.  Una is self-taught covering all aspects of photography, including weddings, new-born’s, children and has won many awards for her photography. She is published on a regular basis in Magazines and newspapers around Ireland, most recently in RSVP Magazine.

Being in demand, Una has been hired by well-known celebrities to photograph their weddings and is expert at capturing those special moments. Currently, Una is  running Workshops in photography for beginners and professionals alike.  

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