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Wedding photography unawilliamsphotos.comPhotography has been the long time artistic passion of my life life. 

Professionally, I specialise in weddings, celebrity event and charity work photography. I also am skilled at taking perfect individual or family portraits. I have a relaxed approach with my clients; while capturing moments in time, to last forever in images.


Reportage photography ( through story-telling ), is how I capture special moments in a natural way, adding layers to the image making sure of visceral impact.

A wedding is a special day for the happy couple, their guests, and for their chosen photographer. I feel privileged to have shared so many special weddings with incredible families and their friends. Capturing images from such joyous occasions is a wonderful and uplifting experience. Every wedding I photograph continues long after the special day, as I take time to give each image a perfect touch, through a patient personal editing process. Editing those final ‘tweaks’ with images, are an art-form in itself. I lose myself in time and creativity, until the right result is achieved.   

For The Happy Couple. Ten Tips to make the most and best .. of your photographer.

1. Meet with your photographer before your big day to go through your ideas, likes and dislikes. Send photo ideas of weddings by social media message or email to your photographer, let them know what you specific style you prefer. Remember to detail which lighting, mood and setting appeals to your particular taste. 

2. When you have decided on everything, make a clear and concise plan and email an agreement between you and your photographer, so nothing is lost in translation.

3. On the wedding day, ensure your photographer is provided with ample meals and hydration for their working day. The Matron of Honour is usually the person usually assigned this type of task. Preferably arrange to have your photographer seated for their meal ( discretely with guests ) somewhere in the same room as the happy couple. This will ensure the flow of relaxed communication is not interrupted. The professional photographer will want to constantly ‘read the room’. For atmospheric images, this is how magic is made.  

4. To keep the day ‘pressure-free’ as possible, be relaxed with your photographer. Although he/she can work under extreme pressure, creativity flows best – when things are not stressed.

7. Disk photography packages are the most cost efficient way of organising images in advance. Bear this in mind when making your original agreement. Your photographer will explain what this entails in more detail.

8. NB For obvious reasons, and to avoid accidents, request that family and friends turn off their phones, cameras and Ipads while the photographer is taking those special moment photographs.

9. The Matron Of Honour and Best man are normally in charge of gathering everyone for their photos with the happy couple. This ensures a more relaxed enjoyable day. Decide the positioning and content you prefer, before the wedding day and let your photographer and team know this well in advance. 

10. Remember its your special day, so you get to call the shots ( pardon the pun ). the more that’s organised and agreed in advance, the more professional the result. Better communication between the entire team, will achieve the happiest, relaxed and loveliest images possible.

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